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Why Won't My Car Start? 7 Reasons

Several reasons can make a car fail to start. It is essential to check out the reasons and determine whether it is wise to repair it or sell it to your nearest junk handlers. Your car can be helpful when planning trips, but it can turn out to be a source of stress if different parts fail.

Take time to check out the condition and assess it before you can make an informed decision. Here are some reasons why a car can fail to start.

1. Engine failure

Engine failure can make the car fail to start. With time the engine can develop complications and finally cease. Taking good care of the engine is necessary and you will replace the oil regularly. If you are taking good care of the engine and it still fails, then you may have to think twice. Engine failure requires a replacement, and in most cases, it is expensive.

2. Dead battery

You can face a problem starting the car if the battery is dead. The car ignition system depends on electrical power to start. If the battery is dead, then you can struggle the whole day to start the car without success. Look for a replacement battery to get the engine moving.

3. Battery corrosion

The corrosion on the battery terminals can create an insulation layer that will prevent the car from starting. Take the initiative and clean the battery terminals. It is a quick fix to keep your car moving.

4. Bad starter motor

The starter motor can fail with time. Get a new starter motor, and you will get the engine moving. Several factors can cause a bad starter motor. The electrical connection to the motor can fail, among other issues. Take time to check out the motor and apply the necessary fixes.

5. Bad timing belt

A bad timing belt can prevent the car from starting. Check out the timing belt and ensure it is in good shape. A local mechanic can have a quick check and fix it. It is easy to replace a timing belt and get the car moving.

6. Bad ignition coil

The power from the battery will be supplied to the ignition coil before the car can start moving. Check out the ignition coil and ensure it is in good condition before you can start the car.

7. Clogged fuel filter

A clogged fuel filter can prevent fuel from reaching the engines. Check out the filter and remove any dirt to keep the car moving.

It is good to check out the above possible issues. If the car still cannot move, you can quickly contact I Buy Junk Vehicles and sell the car as junk. Sell cars as junk, and you will avoid costly repairs and stress.

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