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How To Sell Wrecked Trucks

So you've wrecked your truck. Or perhaps it was a wreck anyway, but your accident was the nail in its coffin. Either way, you need to get rid of it, and you always need cash, so what are you to do? Residents of Houston, TX, have several options for selling wrecked trucks, but a little homework in advance will put the most cash in your wallet.

Does It Run?

It may gasp and hiccup, but if it runs at all, you may get a better price than if you try to part it out. Even if you decide to forego the hassle and sell it to a junkyard, you'll get more if it runs.

When you go to a junkyard – if that's the route you decide to take – you'll get a much better price for your wrecked truck if you have the following information with you. Remember, it's the job of the junkyard owner to get the best price possible for what they buy, so calculate a fair price beforehand and stick to it. Remember, wrecked trucks that run are always more valuable to a junkyard than wrecked trucks that don't run.

Those who live in the Houston, TX area are fortunate to have I Buy Junk Vehicles as a resource.

Which Parts Are In Good Shape?

If you plan to part out your wrecked truck, then research the value of the parts separately. Some parts are challenging to find, so you may get more cash by parting out the entire truck. If you ship, be sure to include the cost of shipping.

What's The Value Of The Parts?

Use your smartphone to research the value of the used parts from your wrecked truck. You can do this while waiting at a stoplight, in your doctor's office, or anytime you have a couple of minutes to spare. Be sure to take pictures of all your wrecked trucks' parts, too, to make them easier to research. Include the description with the picture to make listing easier.

When you've finished, total the value of your parted-out truck – and don't forget the electronics like your GPS and the various computers – and then get a price for the vehicle from an online vehicle valuation site.

Can You Sell It For Scrap Metal?

About half of a car is made of steel, so check the local junkyards to get their prices for scrap metal. Wrecked trucks that don't run will have to be hauled to the scrapyard unless they agree to pick them up, so include the cost of that in your calculations.

Other Resources

In addition to the above:

  1. Many wrecked trucks can be used at a local school that offers auto shop classes.

  2. Particularly in local areas, many wrecked trucks can be used for a demo derby or truck pull.

  3. Fathers might like a wrecked truck to use as a project for their kids.

Use your imagination to think of additional markets for wrecked trucks, and you may be surprised at your results.

Getting Your Money

Once you've done the research – and that's the most time-consuming part – then listing and selling your vehicle is the easy part. Be sure you have accounts such as PayPal, Google Pay, and so forth, so you can accept online deposits if you're willing to hold a vehicle.

There's a substantial market for wrecked trucks, so don't despair if you don't sell yours within a day or two. Your buyer is out there. They just have to find you. Or contact IBJV today for help.

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