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A Guide to Recycling Auto Parts for Money

Year after year, cars are totaled or get rusted by sitting in the garage too long and most people just want to get rid of it. They take them to junkyards, abandon them in the woods or give them to the next person who has to deal with it. However, you can choose to take it to an auto recycling plant and get a nice chunk of change from it.

Benefits of Recycling

When buying vehicles, buy the parts to recycle from wrecked cars in a junkyard or auto recycling plant. This makes repairing cars cheaper than buying new parts and replacing them even easier. New products can run anywhere from $200 and up, depending on what you're looking for and if you want original manufactured or generic parts. At a recycling plant, they can have both kinds of parts that you need and it won't cost anywhere near retail price.

Selling or donating parts is also beneficial because the other option is to scrap them for free. Auto yards are just like pawn shops - they will give you an okay price to take it off your hands and will utilize that product to make a profit. An example would be selling an old car battery for anywhere from $5 to $10, but repurposing the battery to use it for new ones and the outer shell of it for other products. Places will buy anything from used oil to scrap metal and glass from your car. Every part has a buyer, you just have to be willing to find the right ones.

The last benefit of recycling is that it will tremendously help the environment, as all recycling does. Old fuel oil can contaminate gallons of ocean water, tires are a huge inconvenience of waste as they are not biodegradable, and car batteries can leak acid and lead which can be toxic to humans and animals.

Recycle, Reduce, and Profit

If you really want to get into recycling your auto parts, check with all your local automobile stores like I Buy Junk Vehicles and repair shops. Depending on their expertise and budgeting, they will give you a decent price for your used products and can help them reuse the products for more auto parts or other products, such as electronics or even jewelry. This will also help to get the products off the street and avoid more pollution. Plus, a few extra dollars here and there can only benefit you. So try it today. Contact IBJV for help today.

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