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How Important is Mileage in a Used Car?

A used car or a new car? You probably have asked yourself this question countless times if you intend to purchase a car! Well, we all know that some investments, like a car, require extensive deliberation, considering the amount you intend to put into it.

Whether you are purchasing your first or third car, it is usually tempting to look out for the cheaper ones. If you decide to buy junk cars, you need to appreciate their distinctive selling points-they are cheaper to maintain and repair, have less depreciation, and of course, lower prices.

However, if you want to buy junk cars, it is critical to consider their mileage, otherwise, you might be buying a potential money pit at that! This is where you ask what the recommended mileage for used cars is!

The Rule of Thumb

How about this; there is no rule of thumb on the proper mileage of the used car. However, many vehicle experts estimate the standard of 12,000 miles annually. This is normally for vehicles used for regular commutes or occasional long drives.

Ideally, you might think that cars with higher mileage are also more worn out. Assume that you are a used car buyer in Houston and that you are provided with two vehicles of the same manufacturer, model, and year. If one has covered 200,000 miles and the other 400,000, which one are you likely to choose? Obviously the second one right? No…most likely you will choose the first one.

It is true that used cars with higher mileage tend to be more worn and in need of oil change and major repairs. However, mileage is not necessarily the only best factor to consider as used car buyers in Houston.

It’s not uncommon to find a used car with high mileage of more than 12,000 miles but in tip-top condition. This can be thanks to the manufacturer making a very durable model, or else the previous owner has taken excellent care of the car.

Important Factors

While mileage is an important indicator to consider if you want to buy a used car, also keep in mind the accompanying factors.

Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind:

• Always review the vehicle’s history report: if the car had an accident and underwent major repairs, you might want to ascertain the significance and their effectiveness. • Maintenance matters: you might also want to review the maintenance reports of the used car if available. These will show you whether the previous owner really cared about the car, or if it is being sold because of some persistent problem.

It is sensible to take mileage into account if you want to buy a used car. It is also insensible if that is the only main factor that you take into account.

In reality, the right high-mileage used car might serve you better than one with fewer miles. Just take into account other factors, such as how the vehicle was used and maintained it is, and you can be assured of a good deal. Contact IBJV to sell your car today!

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