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Why Is My Check Engine Light On? 10 Possible Reasons

There are many reasons that amber, engine-shaped icons will appear on our dashboard. The engine light can be bothersome to look at, and it can be several problems, including a bad catalytic converter. While we might ignore the engine light, it is best to address the issue.

Here are ten reasons the engine light might come on in your car:

  1. Oxygen Sensor Failure

  2. Loose Fuel Cap

  3. Catalytic Converter Failure

  4. Spark Plug and Ignition Coil Issues

  5. Bad Spark Plug Wires

  6. Mass Air Flow Sensor Failure

  7. Issues With an After-Market Alarm

  8. Vacuum Leak

  9. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Failure

  10. Dead Battery

What to do if Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Many of us will run straight to the dealership or another licensed mechanic. But, with many of today’s cars, you can get the code yourself. Taking our ride to the dealership or another mechanic could set us back more than $100.

Now, you can go to the auto parts store and buy a coding machine. It will link to your car’s computer system via Bluetooth; you plug it into the OBD II port. It will give you the error code stored in the vehicle’s ECU. You can read it via a companion app.

The Check Engine Light Tells You When to Fix Your Car

The check engine light is a lifesaver. But it will not tell if something is wrong like the water pump is going, for instance. If you are experiencing issues with your vehicle, fix it. If you do not know how to fix it, find someone who can. There is also the option of junking the car and upgrading it.

Sell Your Junk Car in Houston Texas

Many who buy junk cars in Houston are people who specialize in buying cars with check engine lights on. They fix them and sell them for a discount. If you do not know how to get rid of your check engine light and want to get rid of the vehicle, you should find someone who will buy it from you, like I Buy Junk Vehicles.

Junk car buyers might also advertise on street corners or busy intersections. They will list a phone number for those interested in selling their junk vehicle with the check engine light on. It is not something many of us will notice. That is until we are looking to sell our car instead of fixing it. Another way to find someone who buys junk cars is to conduct an internet search.

When we want to get rid of our vehicle with the check engine light on, there is the above-listed option. Not everyone is going to want to purchase a car with a check engine light on. It is true even if the light is on for a simple reason, like needing a tune-up.

No matter what you decide to do with your car that has a check engine light on, you will know what is best for your budget. Contact IBJV today for a quote!

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