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6 Car Problems to Look Out For

Sometimes, getting rid of your vehicle is better than spending money to restore it, especially when it suffered extensive damage. As junk car buyers in Houston, we buy junk from all vehicle types and sizes. If you're looking to dispose of any vehicle dead weight, we discuss six-car problems to look out for before making the call.

1. Radiator Leak

A radiator leak is a common car problem that is caused by erosion. It can lead to overheating in your car. This can cause further issues, such as engine failure or fire. Low maintenance and contaminated fluid can also contribute to the deterioration of your radiator. It is always a good idea to consider replacing the whole unit. Patching it up will only lead to further complications once it erodes elsewhere.

2. Leakage of Transmission Fluids

All cars require a specified fluid to help keep their inner components well lubricated; the liquid acts as a coolant and hydraulic fluid. This helps prevent friction and wear. Any small holes within the seals and lines can cause leakage. In time, you'll lose out on transmission efficiency and eventually suffer from pressure loss and engine heating problems. Cracks can also cause transmission leaks. If your transmission pan is cracked, excess fluid will leak.

3. Worn Down Tires

Tire wear can lead to a myriad of problems, such as loss of traction. Over time, thread tires gradually wear down. While some erode naturally, sticking to rough terrain or driving in poor weather conditions can speed up erosion. A worn-down tire can make it difficult to steer. It can also end up affecting the suspension and alignment of your car wheels.

4. Worn Brake Pads

A worn-down brake pad is a dangerous car problem. If left unresolved, it can lead to road accidents. A brake pad naturally wears off over time. This is why it's crucial to maintain your vehicle and check the brake pads regularly. A worn-down brake pad will require more pressure on the pedal and will cause a delayed effect when braking. This can affect the rotors, wheels, and pedals in the long run.

5. Irregular Oil Consumption

A vehicle requires oil to keep functioning. It helps lubricate engine parts and keep delicate components from losing traction. However, irregular oil consumption is a problem that can occur in vehicles that have been running for a few years. This can be caused by a clogged oil filter or engine corrosion. Signs of excessive oil use are indicated on your dashboard oil light. Other symptoms can include leaks or constant oil changes. Ensure to change your oil and maintain your engine filter to prevent ruining it.

6. Water Damage

A dripping radiator can pose to be a massive problem for your vehicle. Aside from soaking engine components, it can seep into the transmission. When water mixes with the transmission fluid, it wears down to the metal, glue, and delicate parts in the transmission system, causing detrimental damage, and even failure.


As junk car buyers in Houston, we buy junk and discarded car parts. If you're unsure about what to do with your old vehicle, which has six-car problems, selling it for parts could be better than restoring it. Contact us today!

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