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5 Warning Signs That You Need a New Transmission

One of the scariest repairs any car owner can ever face is a transmission repair. Most owners typically roll over on their backs and ask Houston junk car buyers to simply take the car off of their hands rather than have it repaired. This is largely because, by the time the owner realizes something is wrong with their car, the transmission is toast.

To help you recognize the signs that your car needs a repair, here are a few warning signs that you need a new transmission.

1. Gear Shift Struggles

A major indication that your transmission is on the outs is if it struggles to shift between different gears. The purpose of the transmission is to help the car easily switch between gears. Over time, this can wear the transmission down.

Sometimes, if the car gods smile on you, the transmission doesn't need a repair. It may only need more transmission fluid. This can also occur if the wrong kind of transmission fluid is used. To avoid a hefty repair cost, check the fluids out first.

2. Burning Smell

Nothing is more alarming than the smell of burning. If you detect that particular poignant odor, then it could be a sign that your transmission is overheating. You'll want to head to a repair shop immediately. Or just throw in the towel and look for someone who takes junk cars for cash.

Besides the transmission, itself, overheating, the problem could be stemming from the transmission fluid. It may be too old. This can cause it to burn.

3. Odd Noises While in Neutral

One way to check if your transmission is functioning correctly is to put in neutral. If it doesn't rumble or make any odd sounds, then your car passes the test. However, if you hear odd sounds while it's in neutral, then there could be a serious problem with the transmission.

It may only require new transmission oil. Or you may be about to receive a cardiac arrest-worthy repair bill. If your car isn't worth the repair costs, then it may be a good idea to find someone who buys junk cars for cash.

4. Slipping Gears

Another incredibly frightening experience is if your car suddenly shifts gears while you're driving. It's possible for your car to suddenly slip from drive to neutral or even to park. When driving on the highway, this can be extremely dangerous.

It can also happen if your transmission is in need of repair.

5. Transmission Fluid Leaks

It's always a good practice to check below your car for leaks. Whether it be radiator water, oil, or even transmission fluid, it's good to know if your car has a cold or not. Determining if the leak is from your transmission is extremely easy.

The liquid will be red and will have a sweet smell to it.

Get Your Car Checked or Wrecked

Transmission repairs can cost an arm and a leg. You may prefer Houston junk car buyers to take it off your hands instead. The next time you notice any of these five warning signs, take the time to also consider the worth of your car. Or sell it as is to IBJV. Contact us today.

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