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Three Ways to Get Rid of an Abandoned Vehicle

If you have an unwanted or broken-down vehicle, you may be wondering what options you have for disposing of it. Most people aren't sure what kind of choices they have for their junk old car, or how difficult or beneficial those options are. Fortunately, depending on your situation and what you're looking to accomplish, there are a few different ways you can get that vehicle out of your hair.

  1. Junk It With a Company Like I Buy Junk Vehicles

If you have an unwanted or abandoned vehicle in your possession, why not make some money in the process of getting rid of it? People in the Greater Houston area have been going to I Buy Junk Vehicles when they need to sell abandoned vehicles since 2010. To them, it doesn't make a difference if the car is running or not, nor what the make or model is. They will give you fair value, regularly paying up to 20% more than you would get for a trade-in with a dealership. Their number one priority is making the experience a pleasant and simple one for the customer, and they even offer free towing as part of the deal. In many cases, seeking out a company like I Buy Junk Vehicles is the easiest and most worthwhile way to get rid of any junk old car.

  1. Sell It Yourself

Taking the time and putting in the effort to sell your unwanted or abandoned car yourself isn't always worth it, but in certain cases, it can result in bringing in a slightly higher price. If you have some extra time to spare and don't mind being patient, putting your abandoned or unwanted car up for sale on a website, or even in a newspaper, can sometimes net you more money than selling it to a business or dealership. However, it is going to be more of a hassle, so it's probably only worth it if you really need to maximize the profit, or if the car you're looking to sell is still in good shape and especially valuable.

  1. Donate the Car

If making money on the deal doesn't factor into your decision, and you want to help the less fortunate, there are places and organizations out there where you can always donate your unwanted car or truck. In addition to being charitable, it can also result in saving some money on taxes down the road, so in some ways, it is also an investment.

Ultimately, what you do with your junk old car is up to you, and each vehicle owner will have different wants and needs. But keep in mind that you always have options and that companies like I Buy Junk Vehicles are around to help if you need it. Contact us today.

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