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Private Car Sales in Texas

So... you want to know how to sell your car privately in Texas?

I know, it's a bit crazy that in the Lone Star state, you have to let the government know about selling anything in general... but right on up alongside freedom in the Texas values is also the dedication to Law and Order, so here we are.

Following these easy and simple steps will help you execute a private sale, whether you searched "Sell your car Houston" or "Sell your car Dallas." These steps are simple, but paying attention to them can save you a lot of time, energy, and potentially money depending on your situation.

Before you sell anything

Before you do anything, make sure that you understand that you need to change the name on the title within 30 days of a sale. Failure to do so can result in you being held responsible for traffic fines, toll violations, or even crimes committed in the vehicle in some cases.

No matter how well you think you can read people, it's important for you to request a Vehicle Transfer Notification and submit it to the Texas DMV to protect yourself. Doing so will protect you against those potential hazards.


So for all Google searchers out there, remember the advice above! If you've got that in mind let's go over how to sell your car privately in Texas.

The Process

Once you've completed the transaction, provide your lucky buyer with a properly signed title with your John Hancock perfectly placed on the dotted line. Make sure that you include the date of sale on the document so that you are crystal clear about when this took place because it never hurts to be as precise as possible when money is changing hands.

In the interest of being precise, please also include the odometer reading in order to cover yourself in case anything should happen (pray for the best and prepare for the worst seems like it fits really well here).

Also, it is your responsibility to provide them with a signed Application for Texas Title and/or Registration form often referred to as Form 130-U. Ask a DMV for the form and they'll know what it is that you're asking for if you want to make your life simple. Make sure that Form 130-U prominently displays what the sales price was, partially to brag but mostly because Texas said so.

A word of advice

As the seller, it's your responsibility to protect yourself from anything that may come back to bite you later. This being the case, make sure to keep detailed records of any transactions, contact information, date of sale, and vehicle information (like the VIN).

This will ensure that you yourself are safe and taken care of and ready to protect yourself in case anything should come up.

Just be smart! Follow the law and everything will go just fine, or contact IBJV for help.

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