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How to Sell Your Old Volkswagen

Your old Volkswagen is probably one of your greatest assets. However, no matter how much you love the Volkswagen, you will eventually need to sell it and upgrade to a better car. Read below for more information on why and how to sell your junk Volkswagen without making any mistakes.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Volkswagen?

Given the many memories you have had in your Volkswagen, it is tempting to keep it around for longer. Unfortunately, your car's age means that it has a sophisticated engine and other parts are that expensive to repair.

Additionally, the car probably spends more time in the garage than it spends on the road. With such a car, you spend a lot more than you should on repairs. On the other hand, it is inconvenient to always have a broken car and your mechanic's contact on speed dial.

Moreover, it is unsafe to have such a car on the road. This is because something vital, such as the brakes, among other delicate car parts, may fail when driving and lead to a fatal accident. Therefore, selling it is a wise decision. When you sell the car, you make some money that will boost you financially and ease your process of getting another car.

Process of Selling Your Old Volkswagen

Given the information above, the best thing to do with your old Volkswagen is to sell it. There are steps to follow when it is time to sell a broken Volkswagen. First, get a reliable old vehicle buyer. Several dealers are looking forward to buying junk cars, and you can choose the best among them.

The best dealer is one who is ready to buy your car at a reasonable price and not a potential scammer. After you get the best dealer you can contact them, and settle on a valuation for your old Volkswagen.

Later, plan on a good time when you can meet with the car buyer for an inspection. This is also the time when they collect the car. If you are making your transactions online and later send the car, be extra careful to avoid falling prey to any traps.

Agree on a down payment that the buyer has to make before you send the car and clear the rest after sending it. This will help you avoid losing what was once a major part of your life to scammers.

What Do You Need to Sell a Broken Volkswagen?

The process of selling your junk Volkswagen is an easy one that does not need a lot. Some of the documents that you will need to provide are to prove you are the car owner. These include a car registration number, service history, car mileage, and contact details.


As tempting as it is to keep your old Volkswagen around for longer, it does not make financial sense. No matter how wrecked the car is, it is useful to somebody interested in its good parts. Contact IBJV today for options.

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