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5 Incredible Tips for Winterizing Your Car

Driving in winter is hazardous due to the presence of ice on the roads. While it's crucial to be prepared for winter driving, you should ensure that your car can handle the winter as well. Follow the tips below to ensure that your vehicle can handle winter conditions.

1. Winter Tires

Even though using all-season tires for winter is possible, they won't offer you the best performance. Installing winter tires is recommended for anyone who resides in a place with frigid temperatures. The rubber on the non-winter tires will harden once the temperature consistently hovers below or around freezing.

Winter tires, however, use unique compounds that resist hardening during cold temperatures—hence providing better traction. All-season tires can be acceptable if you reside in an area without intense winters.

2. Fill the Washer Fluid

Since winter is coming, storms will be common, and they can exhaust a large amount of washer fluid. Use windshield wiper fluid for winter conditions to refill the washer reservoir. When unsure about the washer fluid to use, adding antifreeze to the reservoir can provide you with a formula for low temperatures.

3. Check the Tire Pressure

A slight change in ambient temperature could have a significant effect on your tire pressure. Checking your tire pressure regularly could prevent a loss or gain of 1 PSI during winter. The tire placard on your car or the vehicle owner’s manual will have the appropriate tire pressure numbers.

4. Sell Your Car

It's hard to sell your car during winter. Therefore, you should look for some car buyers before winter. Selling a car for parts can be a solution if it is not in the best condition. Instead of winterizing the car and risking more damage, you can sell car for parts.

There are many junk car buyers online; all you need to look for is an “ I buy junk vehicles” advert. Selling your car for parts will be the easiest way of ensuring that you can make some money. It'll save you some space in your garage and the effort of winterizing a junk car.

5. Service the Car

Servicing the car prepares you for all the challenges that winter may pose.

Some of the parts you ought to service include: • Brakes – A thorough inspection is necessary to ensure that you'll attain the best performance. If the brakes are in excellent condition, the cold weather will not hurt them. • Cooling system – Using antifreeze ensures that there will be no potential freezing or corrosion. Ask your technician for the coolant-to-water ratio and what antifreeze to use. • Battery – As the temperature drops, the battery power decreases. If you have a faulty battery, it'll take more power to start the car. Ensure that your auto care provider installs a good battery that’s above 600 CCA.

Winterizing your car saves you time and money. You get to use your car without any worry about breakdowns. On the other hand, if your vehicle isn’t worth winterizing, contact I Buy Junk Vehicles online.

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