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Here's What Cars Last the Longest

There are tons of durable cars to look out for from car dealers. A used car can be an excellent investment. If maintained well, they can also serve as well as new cars. When planning to buy another car, you can dispose it of by selling the car as junk to

These are the top 10 cars that can last the longest:

Ford F-150

This car is very durable and can stand the test of time. It is one of the most bought cars in the USA. Finding this used vehicle in the market cannot be a problem. Among the used cars that last long, this truck is suitable for all your vehicle needs.

Honda Civic

The Honda Company never disappoints when it comes to making durable cars. Dealers who sell used cars can attest to the high depreciation rate of the car. Though very reliable, used car prices can go up to 50% less than their price when new. They can go up to 11 years if well maintained.

Acura TL

They generally resemble sports cars. They are well-engineered and very reliable. They go for long distances without developing mechanical problems. Dealers who sell used cars claim it is difficult to find these cars.

Chevrolet Impala

With over 300000km potential distance that it can cover, this car is an opportunity to grab. It is very affordable despite looking expensive to most people. For half the price, you can get a good deal. It is one of the most reliable used cars that last long.

Honda Accord

It is among the best-selling saloon cars in the USA. The sporty looks and feel might be some of the reasons for the high purchases. The car is comfortable and can cover a potential distance of 300,000 miles. They are easy to find in the market.

Kia Optima

The Kia Optima has captivating upgraded features. Their upgrades have made the car stand out among other saloon cars. These cars contain an outstanding warranty and have a turbocharged engine with good gas mileage. They are very durable, and their prices are great.

Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima sports car is very comfortable and has a powerful engine. This car harbors decent car mileage and one of the best car interiors. This car is very durable considering its engine properties but can be a bit expensive. They have up to 5 years of warranty in the used car market.

Subaru Outback

It is a four-wheel-drive car that is well-known for its durability. With a modern interior and good gas mileage, they are easy to find in the market. They offer very well service for long trips and prices are affordable.

Toyota Camry

It is the best-selling car in America and was bought because it is the most durable saloon car. It has low maintenance costs and is easy to find. It contains a comfortable interior and fuel-saving efficiency. This is the best car to buy for durability since it goes for a long without mechanical problems.

Toyota Tundra

This car is very fuel-efficient and affordable. They have a lower resale value. Among the used cars that last long, this is the most durable. They have proven reliability ratings and usually have low mileage when sold as a used cars.

The Honda and Toyota cars seem to be very reliable and affordable. However, a Subaru or Chevrolet will give you durability and dependability. It all depends on what you desire. Get to a dealer and find your dream car! Or contact IBJV to see how we can help.

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