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How to Sell Your Non-Running Car

So you've got an old clunker that doesn't run anymore. Perhaps it's even missing some key components of a car like wheels. Don't worry – you can still make a nice chunk of change.

When you sell a non-running car, Houston is a great market for sellers.

As a seller, you have several options for getting your non-running car off of your property, out of your hair and gone to fulfill another purpose besides taking up space in your yard or garage.

Here are the best ideas for how to sell your non-running car to get the most cash in hand.

Determining the Value of a Non-Running Car

Before you dive right into a hasty handshake with an eager buyer who might be taking you for a ride, arm yourself with the knowledge of how much your non-running car is worth.

Kelly Blue Book is considered the gold standard for assessing a car's value because it takes into account condition, model, location, and other factors to arrive at the fairest market value possible.

Choosing to Fix Before Selling Vs. Selling As Is

Sometimes, fixing a car makes more financial sense before selling it than selling it "as is". Other times, you can come out better financially by selling your non-running car in its present condition. For those who want to sell a wrecked car, Houston TX is a seller's market.

Some circumstances in which it makes more sense to a car in its current condition include:

• The higher amount you could get by selling it after fixing would not make up for the cost of fixing it. • You don't have the time to fix the car. • You need money fast.

If you decide that selling the car as is would be your best bet, here is how to sell a non-running car Houston-style.

Selling Non-Running Cars Online

Believe it or not, there is actually a huge market for non-running cars. The most common use that a seller has in mind is to break it down into its component parts to sell piece by piece as replacement parts for cars that still work.

A quick Google search reveals a number of trusted websites that put cash in the hands of owners. Popular sites include To get the best price, try out a few websites and select the one with the highest offer.

Trading in Non-Running Cars

Many dealerships will accept trade-ins, even for cars that do not run, in exchange for a discount on a vehicle from them. In some cases, the amount of money you would save from a trade-in exceeds the amount that you would give for simply selling it.

Getting the Car Off Your Property

When choosing a buyer, make sure that one of the caveats is that they will come to get the car. You don't want to be stuck with a costly towing bill just to get rid of a car you don't want anymore in the first place. Most companies will send their own crew out to take the car.


After you've determined your car's value, finding a serious buyer is just a few clicks away. You can connect with a number of buyers online who will bid for your non-running car. Know the car's worth to avoid getting ripped off. When you sell a wrecked car, Houston TX has many resources for sellers. Contact IBJV today!

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