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How to Sell Your Mercedes Benz

Looking to upgrade to a newer car, and you’re wondering, “How can I sell my Mercedes Benz?” Why should be wondering when the auto industry is booming at a tremendous pace? Here is how you can get people to buy your car without much hassle.

Steps to Sell Your Mercedes Benz Easily

Do Your Paper Work

Before you sell your car, you must locate your car’s pink slip, check with the lender (if you bought it on loan), and visit the DMV website. You also need to order an AutoCheck or Carfax report to show your car’s history to your prospective buyer. How can you even think of skipping this part?

Set Your Asking Price

If you want to sell your Mercedes Benz at the price of a balloon, you’d instead give it to a random stranger. Estimate the car’s value by looking up the cost of related cars on Edmunds or local ads.

Give It a Great Look

Your car needs to have a curb appeal to impress prospective buyers. The buyer needs to look at it and say, “This is what I need.” Give the car a great look by vacuuming and washing it to remove any dirt and junk that may have accumulated over the years.

Create Ads That Sell

After ensuring your car looks appealing, take photos of it — do what you have to do to make the car look unique. For instance, take pictures of the car in a lovely location. Post the photos as ads on websites such as eBay Motors, Autotrader, and Craigslist.

Carefully Screen Your Prospective Buyers

When selling your car privately, consider going for a new Google Voice phone number and a separate email account. Expect lots of phone calls, especially if you listed your car at a low price. This doesn’t mean you must sell your vehicle at a high price — the aim is to sell.

Arrange a Place to Test the Car

Build confidence in your prospective buyers by setting up a test drive location. Go with them as they test drive the car, and if possible, take your relative or friend with you. If the buyer wants a mechanic to inspect the vehicle, let them pay for it.

Close the Deal

If the buyer likes your used car after the test drive, negotiate with him/her until you agree on the price. In most cases, let the prospective buyer make the opening offer. Before you close the deal, ensure the buyer can pay with a cashier’s check or cash.

Once closed the deal, cancel your auto insurance and laugh all the way to the bank.

Or skip all these steps and sell your Mercedes to IBJV for cash in hand! Contact us today!

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