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Weather Damage on Your Vehicle: Here's What to Do

There is an easy solution to that weather-damaged car sitting in your driveway. Sell it to us. It's that simple. You have a car you can’t fix properly and we have the means and the capability to take it off your hands. Don't agree? Then consider the following….

Electrical Eccentricities

If your car has been flooded or submerged in water for any length of time then you should know that no matter how much time and money you pour into it you will not likely get it back to the way it was before.

The computers and electronics in cars these days are parts of an overall system in your car, so any wiring damage can cause all systems in the car to act erratically. So, unless replacing the majority of the wiring and computer systems in your car sounds like a fun weekend to you, consider selling your junk car in Houston.

Health Hazards

If your car has been submerged in water, or had broken or open glass that caused standing water inside, then there is also another, more insidious issue to deal with: mold. Your carpet padding, seats, sound-deadening materials, and even the wiring sheaths and parts of the suspension and drive train could be harboring mold and mildew. And, you may not know it until it makes you sick.

Just think about your car's interior gently rotting away under you over the next few years, while you drive around in it breathing it all in. By the way, changing that cabin air filter and hanging up a pine tree air freshener is not going to help! If you have great medical insurance with no deductible, you’re in the clear. If not, do the right thing and find a junk car buyer in Houston!

Corrosion Coming

Submerging steel, aluminum, and other metals in water cause corrosion. No way around it, this is happening. Why this should concern you is that not only will steel body parts begin to rust, but so will steel and aluminum drive train mounts, suspension and steering parts, exhaust parts, and the engine and transmission themselves could also develop corrosion.

Aluminum does not rust you say? No, but it does corrode. A white, powdery substance will build upon any aluminum part exposed to water, and it will weaken over time. A mountain of bills awaits you in the future on any car that sat underwater. Within as little as a few months major components can go bad and cost you a fortune. It's time to move on and take this certain money pit off your hands.

Dangerous Dealings

As if all the trouble, sickness, and expense are not reason enough to junk that thing, then consider the danger of driving around in a car in which the airbag wiring, ABS module, rubber tires, belts, electrical connections, and drive train have been invisibly damaged.

Now you are asking for trouble. Who knows which system might fail first? The brakes? The steering gear, which is electrical on most cars these days? You and your passengers and other drivers around you are not safe on the road, so you should do the right thing and sell your junk car to IBJV and have this thing safely put out to the pasture before it's too late!

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