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How to Sell a Lincoln Navigator

Most of us have learned the hard way that selling a car to a friend or a family member is the worst way to sell. Oftentimes, selling to people close to us results in broken relationships, broken trust, arguments, and plenty of regrets. You can sell Lincoln Navigator without the risk of family feuds and headaches using any of the strategies below.

First Things First

Do not rush to sell your Navigator and forget those important first steps.

First, get the vehicle appraised. When you sell the Navigator, you want to get the best price for the vehicle while also giving customers a good deal. The only way to do this is via a quick appraisal process. Kelly Blue Book is the most trusted appraisal service available today.

Clean out the vehicle, removing all personal effects from the inside. Remove other items and accessories that will not go along with the sale. This prevents a lot of headaches later down the road. Vacuum the floorboards and clean the dashboards.

Give the exterior a wash as well. A clean vehicle brings more money than a dirty vehicle and sells much faster!

Gather all the paperwork for the vehicle, including the title, maintenance record, and bill of sale.

Decide How to Sale

You can sell cars in the Houston area locally or online. If you decide to sell online, take photographs of the vehicle. Interior and exterior photos provide the best results.

Find a couple of places to advertise the vehicle. Many sites help you sell an unwanted vehicle, some doing so without cost, others charging nominal fees. Online sources like social media also help sell an unwanted Navigator.

If you sell the car locally, place ads in the local newspaper and other publications. Photo ads draw more attention than ads without photos. Most printed publications charge nominal fees for ads.

Additionally, you can place ads offering the Navigator for sale on local sales sites such as Craigslist.

Or, sell Lincoln Navigator to a dealership. The biggest downside to this option is that you likely won't get as much money for the vehicle, but you do sell it quickly and reduce the worries, risks, and stressors that oftentimes accommodate the car sales process.

Whether you sell locally or online, first consider the pros and cons. For example, selling locally requires you to meet people in person, which can be risky. Selling online may take more time than selling the Navigator locally. And, as mentioned, dealerships often pay less for vehicles than personal sales bring.

Do not create family battles when you can sell Lincoln Navigator and get cash in your hands in better ways. Get the vehicle ready to sell, weigh the pros and cons of each sales strategy, and get ready to sell the car in the Houston area without headaches. Contact us today!

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