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How to Sell a Broken Down Car (3 Tips)

Many people are interested in the topic of "how do I sell my broken down car?" but are unsure of where to start or how to actually do it. Having a car that is breaking down is a major pain. It's frustrating, wasteful, and costly. When your vehicle breaks down, you may have to pay money for it to be fixed.

And, of course, it's going to cost more than the thing is actually worth. If your car is making noises or breaking down on a regular basis, we will show you how to sell broken-down cars that you need to benefit from this often difficult situation.

How Do I Sell My Broken Down Car – Ways to Get Started

If you have an old car, you may worry you won't find buyers and will have to walk away from it and lose thousands of dollars. You might be kidding yourself if you think that it is as simple as just advertising it for a good price. You still need to pitch the car to your would-be customers and convince them to buy it – despite the obvious issues with it.

Consider Selling It Online

The first tip on how to sell a broken-down car is to consider an online marketplace. There are many marketplaces online that can help you sell a broken-down car, and as long as you know how to advertise the vehicle online, you may have some success with potential buyers.

In most cases, you're forced to list the car online, getting next to no results, and spending hours on end fiddling with pictures and text. There are more downsides to this selling method as you may get a request from the buyer asking you to pay for the shipping of the broken-down vehicle.

These encounters can be costly, and you may end up losing more time and money in the end when confronted with the platform's selling fees and other expenses. These experiences can be time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful.

Sell the Vehicle to a Private Buyer

Another solid option is to sell the car privately simply by placing a sign in the window or placing an advertisement in the local newspaper. There are resources available online that can help you pinpoint how to price the vehicle, and it's also important to be transparent and honest about the condition of the car.

You may also want to consider getting a repair estimate because it may be a simple or inexpensive fix. Cars in better condition are more likely to sell for a higher price.

Junkyards and Selling for Scrap

Consider a junkyard or a local business that can sell broken-down cars for scrap. These businesses will generally take the vehicle apart and sell it piece by piece. One of the best solutions to selling a broken-down vehicle is to use I Buy Junk Vehicles. They can help you to get paid top dollar for your car in almost every condition. They help with all makes and models of vehicles and can assist with broken-down cars. Contact us today.

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