What to Do with Your Old Junk Cars

When you have junk cars on your property, it can feel like a huge burden. It’s an everyday eyesore, a reminder of whatever caused it to become junk in the first place, and a frustrating thought every time you catch sight of it. Why couldn’t you just sell it while it was still in decent shape? Nobody would want to buy it now, right?

The truth is, you have more options than taking your old cars to a junkyard. Here’s why you should reconsider letting your junk cars sit around – or dropping them off at a junkyard.

A Dangerous Eyesore

A junk vehicle taking up space on your property is more than just ugly. It can get you in trouble with your local government. Steep fines or court appearances could be in your future if you leave these vehicles sitting around in view of passersby. Plus, the growth that occurs around these junk vehicles can create a dangerous environment for animals and children. Having a junk car on your property is more of a liability than anything – so, why is yours still sitting there?

A Worthless Trade

Ok, so since you can’t just let that junk car sit around on your property, what’s your best option? The local junkyard? Actually, most people would rather pay fines associated with keeping junk cars than haul them off to the junkyard. That’s because these places typically offer little to nothing for your junk vehicle, regardless of its value. They also typically require you to make arrangements for its transportation, meaning you’re out the time and money it takes to make that happen.

A Worthwhile Option

When you want a decent reason to part with your junk car – and something to show for your effort – your best bet is to exchange it for cash with a private buyer.

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