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Five Reasons the Holidays Are the Right Time to Sell Your Junk Car

If there's one thing that makes the holidays a smoother ride for most people, it's having some extra spending money. Houston junk car buyers can help with that, and there are a few other ways they can improve your holiday season. You'll get more dough for a newer model than you will a classic junker, but just ridding yourself of a vehicle on its last leg will be a relief.

1. Get Some Spending Money

Not all junk cars are so old they aren't worth anything. If you have a car that's under ten years old but needs expensive repairs, there's a good chance a buyer will be willing to pay you for it. They'll repair it and flip it to another buyer, so they'll be willing to give you part of the difference between the car's market rate and the repair cost. Since most car flippers do their own repair work, it'll be cheaper for them to do than you, too.

2. Save Some Expenses

If you're holding onto an old car that isn't reliable anymore, you're costing yourself insurance and registration fees in the process. If the car still runs, you're probably paying too much in fuel and minor repair costs. You can free up that money by biting the bullet and ditching the old lemon.

3. Save Time When You're Busy

It takes time to find a private buyer for a vehicle that's past its prime, but if you call up a salvage yard, you can save yourself the hassle of finding someone willing to buy it from you. You might not have time to arrange for a salvage yard to take your junker away until your vacation around the holidays, so it makes sense to do it then. Otherwise, you may be stuck for it for another year.

4. Make Room for Other Vehicles

A junker that isn't running anymore takes up space in your garage or driveway, and it's an eyesore for the neighborhood if it's sitting in plain view. When you need to free up your garage for storage space or just want half of your driveway back, junking that old car will do the trick.

5. Get a Free Tow

Many salvage yards are willing to tow your junker away for free as part of the purchase. If you've been letting it sit to avoid the towing cost to have it taken to a repair shop, junking that old vehicle may save you both the cost and time of having it diagnosed or repaired.

Give Yourself a Present this Holiday Season

Houston junk car buyers are ready to give you a present this holiday season. They can take your junk car off your hands, and they'll even pay you for it in most cases. All you need to do is a little homework like locating the title and cleaning out any personal belongings you want to keep.

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