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Eight Valuable Parts in Junk Cars

You might think that rust bucket of yours that doesn't run anymore isn't worth more than the scrap metal it's made of. That may not be true if you sell junk cars in Houston because they contain valuable parts. Below is a list of eight common parts found in junk vehicles that can fetch some money as spare parts.

1. Infotainment Systems

Working electronics like infotainment systems, stereos, speakers, or GPS systems will definitely be worth some money on the resale market. People looking for a bargain will consider secondhand electronic gear if it tests out fine.

2. Catalytic Converters

These smog reduction items sell to buyers who need replacements for their own vehicles. It's costly to buy a new converter, and some engines won't run right without a working catalytic converter. These parts also contain valuable metals like palladium that recyclers can extract for a profit.

3. Car Doors

People who sell cars for parts do well selling intact doors. Body shops repairing vehicles with damaged doors can save money purchasing a perfectly good door from a junker. The key here is that the door needs to be rust-free, which is rare on aging vehicles.

4. Tires, Rims, and Wheel Parts

A common repair that older cars need is replacement tires, rims, or other wheel-related parts like brake assemblies. You can get some money selling tires to used tire shops, and the other parts can be sold as spares.

5. Intact Air Bags

If your vehicle has intact airbags that haven't been deployed, they can be valuable as spare parts. Buying a brand-new set of airbags is expensive, so many mechanics will take a trip to the local junkyard to save money.

6. Intact Bumpers

Other car parts that get damaged in minor accidents are bumpers, but it's expensive to replace them with new parts from the factory. Bumpers in good condition on older car models will be in demand for another reason. It's sometimes impossible to get the right color on the regular spare parts market. When you sell cars for parts, intact bumpers are a hot item as a result.

7. Intact Fenders

Front and rear fenders without scratches or dents and original paint are also valuable on resale markets for older cars. Just like bumpers, there's always a demand for matching replacements to repair damage caused by fender benders.

8. Low Mileage Engines

Newer cars totaled in accidents sometimes have engines that are still in good condition. Those engines can be a gold mine of spare parts sales for junkyards and yourself if you know how to take an engine apart. The other option is to sell the entire engine, which could be worth a couple of thousand bucks.

It can be profitable to sell junk cars in Houston if you have a mechanical background. It just takes a good set of tools and assembly instructions for your car to strip out the most valuable parts and sell them. Once the good parts are sold, you can sell the rest of the car as scrap to IBJV. Call us today!

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