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A Closer Look at Why Millennials are Ditching Their Cars

You Stand to Save a Lot Why are so many people ditching their driving privileges? Because you can save a ton of money by choosing public transport or walking, instead. Just a few of the ways you stand to save include:

  1. Fuel costs. Not driving means not paying for gas, unless you chip in on fuel expenses for friends who give you an occasional lift. With the amount you'll save by going carless, you can buy them lunch for their trouble, too.

  2. Insurance payments. Having a car means having insurance costs. Taking your vehicle off your policy – or getting rid of your cars entirely – means one less payment to make each month. Think of what you could do with that money instead!

Good for You, Good for the Planet Another reason why so many younger drivers are choosing to live without a car is that public transport saves a lot of pollution that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. For every person who chooses a bus or train, that much less exhaust will be expelled during rush hour commutes or long drives to and from errand stops. Think of how much good you could do the environment by opting out of being behind the wheel in that kind of traffic. You'll do your part for the earth and save money at the same time – talk about a win-win!

Selling Can Be Simple Selling your old car doesn't mean you have to fix it up and make it look road-worthy. It doesn't even have to run properly. There are places where you can sell your used car – even your wrecked car – without a worry about what condition it's in. At I Buy Junk Vehicles, we buy junk cars. It doesn't matter if it runs, if it's wrecked, or if it's even recognizable anymore – if you're willing to part with it, we're willing to pay cash for it. Contact us today to find out more about the conditions under which we buy junk cars. You'll be surprised at just how easy we make it to unload your junk vehicles – and how much you stand to make by doing so.

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