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4 Unexpected Factors that Effect the Price of a Used Car

Wondering who buys non-running vehicles? While it’s common to think about a car’s resale value when shopping for one; few people rarely think about this when out on the open road. Below are 4 factors that may affect the resale value of your car.

1. Presence of Bumper Stickers

Car experts don’t necessarily see eye to eye when it comes to the issue of bumper stickers. So, why leave them in place? Opting to leave all your available stickers intact reminds the used car buyers in Houston that the vehicle is indeed used. Their mere presence makes it difficult for them to view it as a blank slate, and appreciate the services it can provide.

As such, try to carefully take off each sticker before listing your car. Keep in mind that whereas the sticker may easily come off without leaving behind any nicks or scrapes, there’s a probability that the paint beneath each stick may have started to fade.

2. The reputation of the Car

While it’s not possible for you to control the actions of a carmaker, the decisions they make now and in the coming years can influence the resale value. A good example is the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal. This scandal not only damaged the previously untarnished VW reputation but it also negatively affected the price of secondhand diesel vehicles.

Simply put, if it’s established that a vehicle has a major problem or the automaker engages in unscrupulous acts, the vehicle’s value will ultimately suffer. As you look into who buys non-running vehicles, you may want to keep this in mind.

3. Damaged Lights

If the automobile has burned-out bulbs or cracked lenses, it’s worth the cost and effort to have the lights replaced. New lenses and bulbs are easy to get, and won’t cost you much. The best part is that it doesn’t take much to swap out the old ones for the new ones.

Non-functional brake lights and headlights can affect the buying decision of used car buyers in Houston as they will make such a vehicle dangerous to operate. Such problems will cause you to get pulled over and also impact your safety.

The truth is no person wants to invest in a vehicle and then immediately have to take it for repairs.

4. Mismatched Tires

Looking to trade your car or sell it? First, check the condition of your tires! Sellers whose vehicles have well-maintained tires will be in luck, and more so if all the tires are a match.

A mishmash comprising of different tire ages and brands will indicate to a buyer that a vehicle wasn’t properly cared for by the seller. Buying new tires for a car when they go on sale is a sure way to attract top dollar for it.


The resale value of a car is always a disappointment to many owners hoping to trade it in for something better or more modern. However, the tips discussed above can assist you to raise its value when the time to sell it arrives. It’s the simple things you do to improve its condition that matters. Or sell as is to IBJV, contact us today!

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