Terms and Conditions

A minimum account balance of $200.00 will be held as a retainer in what we call a i-Wallet and will only be charged once you purchase a Vehicle. If you do not purchase a vehicle and cancel your membership, you will be refunded 190.00 (9.99 will be deducted as part of your membership)

The i-wallet will be replenished through Paypal once a non-premium or premium vehicle lead has been purchased. If the i-wallet fails to replenish, the i-buyer’s account will be closed.

All Vehicles are subject to as is, we take no responsibility in misleading information to our i-Buyers, we provide images to all vehicles along with stated facts from the customer that the vehicle is currently Running or Non-Running. We can not always properly diagnose a vehicle over the phone but we can try to do our best in assisting you with what may be wrong with the vehicle. We only have what information the customers gives us to go by.

Below is our pricing chart of Various Vehicles.



i-Buyer needs to supply and leave the VTR-346 (Vehicle Notification of Transfer) with seller


i-buyers have the option not to buy a non-premium or premium vehicle but if the i-buyer does purchase the vehicle lead, their i-wallet will be charged per lead. NO REFUNDS!

We will verify every transaction in order to continue doing business with i-buyer. Any i-buyer caught stealing leads will be terminated from all future referrals no exceptions!