Selling Used Trucks Opens the Door to Amazing Upgrades

Built simply for utilitarian purposes, the first pickup trucks were created by third-party companies and offered little in the way of amenities. The Galion Allsteel Body Company began building and installing boxes on modified Ford Model T chassis in 1913, but did little else to improve the experience of driving these first vehicles.

Now, pickups are ubiquitous and more people buy them for the aesthetic rather than just their usefulness. This has led to pickups that resemble cars inside and sometimes even offer a feeling of driving and riding in luxury vehicles. As new models roll onto lots, there is a host of upgrades available to those choosing to buy a new pickup.

man with salesman after selling his used truck

Fashionable Functionality

In the past, pickup trucks were simple. As many were built as tools, instead of statement pieces, there was little thought put into how they looked. In fact, there wasn’t much of anything that didn’t serve a clear purpose.

Seating arrangements were often uncomfortable and, at times, cramped as they seated only a few passengers while their use screamed for more seats on large farms and ranches.

These days, when drivers sell used trucks, that money can be used to upgrade to highly durable and useful vehicles that seat up to six passengers within the confines of leather clad beauty. From interior lighting, navigation systems, and Eddie Bauer upholstery, the functionality of pickup trucks have melded with luxury.

It’s not just ranchers and farmers driving them anymore. Celebrities of all types can now be spotted cruising down Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard in their new pickups.

Abundant Audio

The pickup trucks of yore were boring regardless of how functional they were. Passengers were forced to ride around in either a windblown cacophony that didn’t allow conversation or utter silence because making conversation can become tiresome.

In the early days of pickups, there were no radios, and even when they were introduced, the reception was spotty unless one wanted to listen to AM talk radio. Not to mention the arguments that ensued as a result of having only one source of entertainment.

Luckily, for parents especially, that time has changed as audio systems have improved by leaps and bounds. Between satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone music apps, and extra 12V outlets, the listening options while driving have drastically changed the way we entertain ourselves in our vehicles.

Drivers can choose to listen to music from their hometown or podcasts from the other side of the world. Meanwhile, passengers can plug in, put on headphones, and tune out whatever the driver has chosen.

Tantalizing Trims

As mentioned above, pickup trucks did not generally include anything that was not of use to its operation or the owner. One did not care what the rims looked like as long as they turned as expected. Available colors were basic and pickups had few, if any, features just to please the eye.

In the early days, one was lucky to have windshield wipers or speedometers. It took years for seat belts to become standard and sun visors were nearly unheard of.

Aside from the many options already mentioned, pickups are quickly offering much more and buyers can now choose between a slew of trims. Now, backup cameras, remote start systems, and chrome-tipped exhaust pipes are just the beginning.

Off-road packages abound, featuring larger rims and all-terrain tires that will take you just about anywhere your heart desires. Even safety options have grown with direct links to emergency services and roadside assistance.

All things considered, having the opportunity to sell a used pickup truck and upgrade to the latest model is well-worth the little effort it takes to do so. You will be surprised by all the amenities you have to choose from and with it comes the peace of mind that your vehicle will be reliable for years to come.