3 Big Answers about Selling My Car in Houston, Texas

After the recent catastrophe caused by Hurricane Harvey, many residents are now in desperate need of a new vehicle. A vast amount of vehicles in the path of the storm were flooded, damaged, or destroyed entirely.

To make matters even more problematic, many auto dealerships have been flooded and shut down due to the extensive flooding, and it is unclear when they will be operational again. The demand for vehicles in the area has not been greater in many years so if you are in the market to sell your vehicle now may be a perfect time.woman looking at an old car

Q: How should I sell my car?

A: Selling your vehicle to a dealership is typically only advantages when you are purchasing a new vehicle, giving you some negotiation power with the dealership, who wants to close the sale. You will almost always make more money selling your car on the private market. While this may take a little more effort than selling to a dealership, the monetary gains are well worth it. A simple internet search will help you determine the best route for selling your vehicle, whether it is your newspaper’s classifieds or a local used car dealer.

Q: Where should I sell my car?

A: There are plenty of places you can advertise your vehicle, but these usually cost money. Many used car dealerships have a convenient estimate form on their website. This can help you in your research when looking for the best place to sell your car. Just enter “sell my car” into the search field and start digging.

Q: What is my vehicle worth?

A: There are many websites that will give you a decent estimate of what your vehicle is worth but Kelley Blue Book is the most commonly used option. Stick with this website in determining your vehicle’s worth and you are far more likely to see eye to eye with potential buyers about how much your vehicle is worth. If you take just about any Craigslist posting advertising a vehicle and punch the posting information into Kelly Blue Book, you will almost always find the seller is asking exactly what Kelly Blue Book says their vehicle is worth.

In conclusion, the worth of any commodity is dictated by supply and demand. Currently, the low supply of quality vehicles has led to high demand which makes it a perfect time to sell if you are in the market to move your vehicle. Try not to think of this opportunity as taking advantage of someone who has suffered a loss, but rather helping someone in need while still benefiting from the situation yourself.
In conclusion, you may want to move sooner rather than later, however as nearby and out of state dealerships are already moving in on the auto market to try and take advantage of the market’s high demand. Many local dealerships may become operational again soon so the time to act is now.

With a little time and research, you should be well on your way to selling that vehicle you have been meaning to part with, and now is the perfect time to act.