Sell Your Wrecked Car or Truck in Houston, Texas

Drivers Making Phone Call in Front of Their Wrecked Cars after Traffic AccidentHas your car been wrecked or totaled in an accident? You’ll be happy to know that you can still get some money out of it. Whether you’re looking to get cash to put down as a deposit on a new car or you’re thinking you could use some extra money in your bank account, i Buy Junk Vehicles can help. Our industry experience and expertise have made us the number one source for vehicle owners looking for the fastest and most profitable way to sell a wrecked car or truck in the Houston area.

How We Determine the Offer

Our buyers are trained to know exactly what to look for in an automobile in order to make sure it is properly appraised. We take a variety of things into consideration to determine a car’s value—from its mechanical and exterior upkeep and its color and mileage to the local conditions of the market and the popularity of the make and model. We will do everything we can to make an offer that’s in the same price range as what you were hoping to receive.

How Fast We Work

It can take a lot of time and be much more difficult to find a private buyer or car dealership willing to pay what you’re asking, but our mission at i Buy Junk Vehicles is to make the process of selling your wrecked car or truck as easy, smooth, and quick as possible. With us, you have the ability to walk out with cash in your hand the same day we begin the transaction. When you’ve got an urgent need to offload an inoperable vehicle and buy a new one, that’s good news!

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our services and meet with an i Buy Junk Vehicle buyer before you go anywhere else. We have no doubt that we’ll provide you with such a positive experience that you’ll never again have to wonder how to get rid of an old car. We’ll come to you and give you cash for your wrecked car or truck anywhere in the Houston area.

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