I Need to Sell My Junk Car Because of this Houston, Texas, Climate!

There are two types of people living along the Gulf Coast: those who love the climate and those don’t. Despite your feelings about the region’s weather patterns, it can have some pretty damaging effects on your belongings, especially your car. Unfortunately, the damage is so severe it can’t be repaired for a reasonable price. Selling that junk vehicle may be the only cost-effective thing to do after some of the following events have taken their toll.

happy couple in new car after selling junk car


Since 1980, Americans have watched, rescued, and repaired, a state ravaged many times over by the horrific hurricanes common to the area. Most recently, Hurricane Harvey caused $125 billion dollars in damages. It also saw the most recorded fatalities.
During these massive, wind-whipped storms, residents are without much protection from the weather. Most are not too concerned with the state of their belongings until the effects have died down and they know their families and friends are safe. Only then, do home and business owners begin assessing the damages to their structures and vehicles.


Flooding can occur without warning and be caused by several different factors including long or heavy rainfall, very wet, or very dry, compacted soil. Unfortunately, the damages caused by flooding are fairly irreversible.

The effects of flooding begin immediately and continue long after the water has receded. On its own, the mold that can grow in the damp carpeting and upholstery of your home and vehicle will probably have you saying, “I really should sell my junk car and replace that carpeting in the house.”

Salt Air

Less weather related than the above topics, the Gulf Coast air is as salty as it comes. Salt is a corrosive substance that few materials can stand up to for very long. This damage occurs more rapidly in warm climates because the heat opens the pores in substances such as vehicle paint.

Those living right on the coast will see damage from salt faster than those outside of the spray zone. The paint, metals, and woods, used in the construction of homes and cars will be quickly devoured in wave-spray zones. The salt in the air and moisture will literally eat holes through your belongings.


You may look at your damaged car and think you don’t need to sell it, but can repair it instead. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. For one thing, the money it will take to remove mold spores or replace vehicle panels can be exorbitant. There are not too many vehicles out there worth the time and money it would take to return them to their former glory.

Simply trying to paint your damaged vehicle in a humid region is a nearly impossible task. The moisture in the air not only prevents timely drying, it also adversely affects the chemistry and reduces the likelihood the hardeners will adhere to the bonding sites in the paint. In short, it will take forever for the paint to dry and will not be nearly as durable once it has.

Living in a Gulf Coast state has its ups and downs, but when you call somewhere home, there are things you are willing to deal with. Selling damaged vehicles and replacing them, or restoring your home, are well worth the cost when you love your hometown.