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How to Sell Your Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is one of the top-selling pickup trucks since 1977 and drivers across the country rave about this heavy-duty vehicle.

However, you just might be at the point where it's time to sell your old, reliable buddy and upgrade to a newer model or trade your Ford out for a new adventure.

But you also may be asking yourself “How do I sell my truck?”.

If Your Car is in Good Shape

It isn't hard to sell F-150 models, but there are websites that actually have a dedicated department for buying Ford F-150s. It's made up of guys and gals who love these models of pickups. They are also sympathetic to hearing “I have to sell my truck!”. These self-proclaimed F-150 lovers use their passion to give you pretty accurate sell prices.

They have a list of models of F-150s that are in high demand so you should be able to scroll through and find your type relatively easily.

Unfortunately, it takes an annoyingly long amount of time for them to verify your vehicle and get the appropriate paperwork processed.

Response times for these websites are usually pretty great. They swear they will give you a call 90 seconds after your application so you can get your price results as quickly as possible. This includes your offer and next step details.

Here are the four main pieces of information you will need before heading to their site:

- Interior/exterior condition - Mileage - Model/year of the F-250, F-350hey, or F-150 - Clean title

If Your Car is Not in Good Shape

If your Ford F-150 is in less than pristine condition and especially if it has been in a crazy accident, there are websites that are still willing to give you a fair deal.

They promise to stay away from rock-bottom prices for your F-150 and they won't haggle prices with you at the last minute.

Also, they should be able to pick up your truck in 24 to 48 hours. The upside is that they are very quick, and the downside is that they are very quick. The process is very short but isn't often explained in detail, and their customer service is a little lacking.


Online resources that are dedicated to buying your pickup should get you a fair deal for your Ford F-150. The digital forms to sell F-150 models are pretty easy and the fact that these companies come to you is a big bonus.

If your pickup has good mileage and you've taken pretty good care of the interior and the engine so far, a fair price is right around the corner. These sites can really accommodate your selling needs.

Selling your Ford F-150 should be relatively easy. But when you're forced to think “I have to sell my truck", it can be a tough decision to make. With these tips, the process should be really beneficial to your time and money. Contact IBJV today!

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