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Recycling is for Cars, too! By

Recycling is for Cars, too! (attribution)

Recycling isn’t just for brown paper bags, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. No indeed. Recycling has extended to include large-ticket items, such as cars. At I Buy Vehicles, we are your trusted car and auto recycler in the Houston area. We make it easy for you to offload your vehicle and get some nice cash for it in the process. Just ask our many happy customers.

It’s a fact. Cars wear out or stop serving their original purpose. And with increased transportation options, such as Uber and Lyft, in the Houston metropolitan area, some drivers are opting to sell their car. We’ll take your car, regardless of the condition, make, model, or mileage. We even take cars that are wrecked or not running! They only need to be from the year 2000 or newer. It gets even better. We don’t just buy cars; we also buy trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. And we pay up to $30,000 for a vehicle.

Here’s how it works. You call us for a quote. We’ll schedule a pickup at your location, possibly even the same day, and pay you cash. We cover the towing cost. It’s that simple. If you want to expedite the process, you can drop off your car at our location, but that’s not required. Is your title missing? Not a problem. We can still buy your car if you can provide us with the necessary information. Is your car on a lien? We may buy your car by paying off the lien. This, of course, depends on the lien amount.

Car and auto recyclers save energy and natural resources. For one, recycling metal from cars requires less energy than making new cars–an energy savings of about 74 percent. Auto recycling has prevented 11 million tons of steel from ending up in landfills and 85 million barrels of oil from being used to manufacture auto parts.

Be kind to the environment while padding your pocket. Call I Buy Vehicles, your local Houston car and auto recycler, today to cash in on your unwanted car. Maybe you’ll have enough for that trip to Europe.