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4 Things to do with a Car That's Not Worth Fixing

Parting ways with an old junk car feels good, especially if the vehicle has been sitting around for some time already. It's done nothing more than take space on your property and cause an eyesore in the neighborhood. But, the question of what to do with that junk car remains.

No one wants to spend a ton of cash to part ways with a junk car they do not want or need, but are other options available instead? You can get rid of that junker using your choice of options, although some ideas are better than others.

Donate the Vehicle

Non-profit organizations accept vehicle donations. Search local non-profits in your area to learn more. Donations include a tax receipt in many cases. The bad news is that some non-profits may not take the car if it is in extremely bad disrepair.

Call a Tow Company

Towing the car to the junkyard will cost you. The cost depends on many factors, like the distance of travel, the tow company you choose for service, and the type of vehicle being towed away. This job could easily cost a few hundred dollars or more that you will not receive back. Most people prefer to find a car buyer near me in this situation.

Give it Away

Your car may be junk to you, but to some people, it's a big help. Local auto diesel colleges oftentimes accept junk car donations to provide students with a practice vessel to learn their new skills. You may also have friends, neighbors, or co-workers who could use the vehicle for parts. Do not hesitate to ask around to learn if anyone could use the car.

Sell the Car

Find a car buyer near me who buys junk cars in Houston Texas like I Buy Junk Vehicles and put cash in your pocket for that old junker. The amount of money you'll earn from the sale varies, but it could easily be a couple hundred bucks or more.

The above options are among the ways to get rid of a junk car that's only taking space on your property. Learn more about each option or go ahead and call I Buy Junk Cars which buys junk cars in Houston Texas with no questions asked. You will be proud to get that car off your property! Contact us today!

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